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  • COMPLETELY SAFE AND NATURAL TEETHING RELIEF: Works for baby dental pain, drooling, swelling, fever, irritation, and fussiness reduction. It's a safe and perfect alternative to harmful, toxic, and dangerous chemical teething tablets. It's a winner for every parents!
  • CERTIFIED: Our baby teething Amber Necklace is fully certified, verified, and recognized. Hence, you are assured that the production properties of this product is fully safe and healthy for your child. You also can't forget the fact that it's very easy to use. This Baltic teething necklace is hand washing friendly and dishwasher safe.
  • STYLISH, MODERN, AND DURABLE: Our Amber Necklace are unbelievably handcrafted and safely knotted with the highest quality available standard on the market. This Amber necklace is less bulky, very lightweight, and stylish. This will be a perfect gift for nursing mothers!
  • MAXIMUM QUALITY GUARANTEE: Our customers satisfaction comes first, put our product to test! The Baltic Amber Teething Necklace usage is risk-free. We offer 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you'll get a full refund upon product return. Don't wait till the product is out of stock, place your order now!
  • PERFECT AND COMFORTABLE: Worry less about your child comfort! These Amber beads are BPA free, Lead free, Latex free, and organic type of baby teethers. It is highly effective in soothing toddlers discomfort during the teething process. Your baby's crying and discomforting moments are gone for good!

  • Are you tired of using toxic teething tablets for your baby? Or you've made an endless search for the right teething remedies for your toddler?

    Good news for you! Your search is completely over as Minetom Natural teething necklace is available to replace harmful toxins. Most parents apparently become restless during their child teething process, plunging them into worries. This is where the need for our Baltic Amber Necklace comes in.

    Significantly, the need for our Amber teething necklace is the seamless solution for the teething process concern of your baby. This teething necklace contains succinic acid, a naturally existing property in Amber. Succinic acid is a potent and natural pain reliever which makes your baby cool and comfortable.

    Stylish, Safe, Comfortable, Durable, and Easy to Use

    Adds comfort and convenience to your baby
    Dishwasher and hand washing friendly
    Less bulky, charming, and lightweight
    Extra-secure screw clasp 

    Amber Necklace Offers More Than Just Teething Remedies

    Natural healing remedies with no side effects
    Boost immune system for toddlers
    Anti-inflammation - reduce swelling
    Provides best soothing effect to the body and nervous system
    Reduce stress and eases muscle pains
    Powerful natural analgesic

    Safety Tips

    Please, restrict your baby from chewing the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace as this may lead to a choking hazard
    The necklace/beads should be completely removed when baby is asleep or inactive
    Use the necklace/beads with adult supervision only
    Kindly discard the necklace if damaged

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